Meeting Amy.

I am not a fan of conferences. I’ve been to many of them for Stampin’ Up and they just aren’t my favorite things to do. I’m a homebody…I like my little house, my secluded corner of the world, hanging out with my hubby and kids. That’s what I like. Going to a conference and being surrounded by hoardes of excited people…that’s what I don’t like so much.


photo taken by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

So, when Amy told me that I “had to go to Blissdom with her because it’s going to be so much fun!!!!!” I told her exactly what I just wrote above. But the idea hung on me because I really, really wanted to meet Amy. We had been working on the whole concept of I Faces for four months by this time, I had sent her more emails than a person should ever have to receive from another person, and I just enjoyed the way we seemed to work so well together. To meet her in person would be the highlight of my year!

Thus began the begging and pleading for Sweatiepy to please let me go to this (even though the reason I was going was to learn how to enhance a website that takes hours of my time and provides no money to our family) and he, being the nice guy that he is, told me that I could go. Even though he did emphasize that “you do realize that you are going away somewhere to spend the entire weekend in a hotel room with a person you have never met before, right?”

What a fun time we had! We got along just as well in person as we did through email. We learned more about each other, we discussed in depth the things that we would need to do to better balance the enormous amount of time that we are spending on I Faces with the time that we need to spend on the other, more important aspects of our life (you know, those things like husbands and children, dishes and laundry.)

I also found out that Amy and I are exact opposites in many ways…while I enjoy my quiet, secluded little life here in Amish country, that girl has no fear and will do just about anything. She was so not me…and yet I loved her and had so much fun hanging out with her! I would laugh at her and her bad self and she would laugh at me and my quiet self. Our personalities seem to fit together perfectly.

Here is just one little example of how we are so different:

See this huge long line? See that guy in the white shirt at the right of the photo?

Amy made me stand in line to meet him and another hot latin guy that Disney had sent to the conference for us all to meet and hear sing in their new Disney special. Amy was excited as all get out about it. I wanted to die of embarrassment. And so began our long, running conversation during our nineteen hour wait to meet the hot latin guys…

Me: This is the dumbest thing that I have ever done in my entire life.
Amy: Oh honey, it’s going to be fun! (in her cutie-pie Texas/Oklahoma accent)

Me: Why in the world would they even want to do this? Like they really want to meet me – an overweight, middle-aged mom and tell her how *glad* they are that she waited in line to meet them. Stooooopid!
Amy: They are loving this. They aren’t famous yet or jaded. They think this is great!

Me: (Sneakily) Why don’t I go back in and wait by the computer and then I can finish posting the winner’s photos for I Faces while you wait in line? I can come back out later and join you when you get towards the front of the line. (yeah right…)
Amy: I don’t think so. You are waiting in line and you are doing this!

Me: I already have a hot guy waiting for me at home. I don’t need to meet these two guys.
Amy: But he’s not a latin hot guy, is he?

Now, how can you argue with logic like that?

And so, me and my bad attitude waited in the loooooooooong line with Amy and her cheerful self and we both enjoyed the *view* together.

And then came the embarrassing moment. Which really wasn’t embarrassing at all when you compare it to the next moment of my life…

No, the most embarrassing moment came when the dark-haired hot latin guy bent over to sign the photo he was going to give to me, and Amy then pointed to the dark-haired hot latin guy’s *asset* and gave the camera a big, old thumbs up!

I never laughed so hard in my entire life.

Isn’t she the best?!

I guarantee that if we lived in the same town, she would make it her life’s goal to bring me out of my shell.

And I would love every minute of watching her try to accomplish that goal!

{Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow…}