In Weslea's Dreams.

I can only imagine what elementary teachers must think when their students bring their papers back to school to show to them.

A few days ago, Weslea was given a special list of words and her assignment was to go home that night and write a story that included all of those words.

She informed me that she had an idea in mind for her story and that she was going to her room to work on it herself! She would show it to me when she was finished!

Alrighty then…

Here was the gem that she came up with:

“There was a little girl named Weslea Arthur. She did not have any sisters but she wanted one very much. After a few months her mom got pregnant. She had a girl. Mom called her Whitney. She looked like me. Most of the time she sleeps. My mom will get a bottle. She is a good baby. Now our house is crazy.”


Her story just completely cracked me up so many levels. First – I just *magically* had a girl (not a “yucky” boy.) Second – she picked a “W” name for her new sister. Third – I always nursed my babies. Last – NOW our house is crazy? Like it isn’t crazy already??

{One of the “yucky” boys put a hole in her paper within ten minutes of it being back in our house.}


The next day she brought her paper back home with a little addition on it from her teacher:


Hey now! Everyone who knows me and the hubby is fully aware that this mom has nothing to do with the problem of not having a sister in the house. That blame can fully be put on Sweatiepy’s shoulders.

And he’s not budging a bit from his opinion on that one. Not in this lifetime!