Happy Heart Day!

Most of the Valentine’s craziness is over and done in our household now….writing out valentines, gathering the treats, purchasing cookies for the party (I know – bad mom!), going to the parties, hiding the treats from the candy-overloaded children…


After all of that was over, then the “big event” of Valentine’s Day arrived…the Father/Daughter Dance.

Which involved the “prettying-up” of one very excited, giddy eight-year-old girl.

I’ll have many, many more photos of this event to share, because this mom got to tag along with the Father and Daughter this year…as the official Father/Daughter Dance photographer!

After I edit the photos of 170+ girls posing with their dads (lord have mercy!) I’ll then be able to show off the photos of my little gal dancing with her daddy.

That little fact alone makes the editing of the other bajillion photos absolutely, completely worth it to me.