The View From Here.

Here’s the view from our slightly barren backyard…


That’s pretty much been our view for the past month or so. {sigh}

Let’s see…we’ve got the barn that I’m convinced was the entire reason why Sweatiepy wanted to purchase this fixer-upper house in the first place. He fell in love with that barn and that was that.

(He vehemently disagrees with me on that though and will probably let us know all about his displeasure in the comments area today.)


And we have the playground that isn’t played on nearly enough considering all the time that Dad put into making it for the kiddos. It looks a wee bit lost back there, doesn’t it?


We have the neighbor’s homes (which are gorgeous.) I try not to covet them too much. 🙂


And then we have the endless expanse of gray, dull sky.

Underneath it are the woods that my kids force me to spend hours in throughout the summer finding “treasures.” We have a good time back there.


And then we, of course, have the mounds and mounds and mounds of snow. And then even more mounds.


In those mounds of snow, we’ll usually find a couple of precocious kids.


My munchkins and the neighbor punks.


And we also usually find one irritated Sweatiepy who is sick and tired of plowing the driveway for the fourth time that day.

Thank you Lord for making me a mom instead of a dad!!


That’s our view from here right now.


What’s your view like today?

(And Amy from Texas and Susan from SoCal…maybe you’ll be able to warm us up with beautiful descriptions of where you live. Please??)