The Snowglobe Snowrock. Thingy.

Our oldest son, Will, is studying rocks in his science class at school right now. He was asked to find one rock in our yard that he could bring into school to use for experiments during their unit study.

Sure…no problem. That’s easy enough.

Then he came home right before Christmas…in a complete panic…because he had forgotten that he needed to take his rock, make it into a pet rock and decorate it somehow.

Oh how I love those “parent projects” that get sent home from school!

And, of course, it was due in two days.

We ended up lucking out because we had a major ice storm during that week and school was cancelled…which meant we had much, much more time to work on this project thanks to a wonderful invention called “Winter Break.”

During that nice, long, two week period of no school we thought a lot about his pet rock and he eventually decided that he wanted to make a snowman rock. Or would that be a snowrock?

And this is what our collective minds and approximately 362 hours of work came up with…


It’s a Snowglobe Snowrock! Thingy. Isn’t he cute?


Will took his project to school on their first day back. When he got home I asked him “What did your teacher think of my…I mean your…snowrock?!”

“She said it was really neat,” he replied.

Then I noticed he had one certain Snowglobe Snowrock thingy in his backpack.

“Why in the world did you bring that home? Why didn’t you give it to your teacher? If you get an ‘F’ because you forgot to leave your snowrock with your teacher you are going to be in BIG trouble buddy boy!” I ranted.

“Oh no…it’s fine,” he said. “She just looked at it, said it was really neat and that I could take it back home.”


I’m 99.999999999999999% positive that one crazy mom made a much bigger deal out of that blasted project than she was supposed to.

It sure was one awesome Snowglobe Snowrock thingy-ma-joober though.