Photography Links.

{Please enjoy the random photos from my last “Photography Drive” while I ramble on about my favorite topic…}


Photography links….did I promise to share photography links? Yikes.

Once I actually started trying to track them all down, I realized what a big job that was. I have so many sites I go to for inspiration.

I guess I’ll just start at the beginning and go from there.


Last spring was when my younger sister first told me about a little website known as The Pioneer Woman (which is actually a huge site that every single other person in the blogging universe knew about…but me in my little “Amish Country bubble” had no idea.)

I visited her site and was captivated mainly by the photography section of her website. This is where I learned that there are things you can do to make your photos look better and that even a normal person like me can learn how to use something other than the automatic setting on their camera. I was a woman possessed after that! If you want to learn more about photography, head over there and read every single photography post. You will definitely be off to a good start.

I don’t read Pioneer Woman as much as I used to, just because I have so many other blogs that I like to keep on top of. I have made so many blogging friends over the past year that I try to spend my time keeping up with them when I’m online. I do have her photography blog in my reader though and I never miss one of those posts.


From PW’s site, I was led to Miz Booshay’s site…which was a complete inspiration to me. Not only is she a superb photographer (I love to just stare at her photos and try to learn new angles and lighting from them), but she is a wonderful, encouraging Christian woman as well. I started lurking on her blog just for the photography information, but it didn’t take very long before I stuck around for the fun and conversation and dear friends. Her Quiet Life blog is one that I visit every day.


Around that same time, I began pestering my friend, Allyson, with every photography and Photoshop question I could think of. She is a self-taught photographer and amazes me with what she has learned on her own. She very willingly and kindly tried to answer every question I came up with and tried to teach me some photography basics so I could get off to a decent start on my own.

And then, spring soccer season started…and our oldest son, Will, was on the same team as his cousin. And I quickly realized that his cousin’s stepmom, Kate, was a photography nut as well! We spent countless hours sitting through soccer games in the spring and fall…and during every single game we would discuss photography. I’m already looking forward to next season so we can begin our discussions again.

Another way to learn more about photography is by figuring out which of your real-life friends are already involved in that hobby. They will be a wealth of information to you.


Kate was the one that introduced me to Jodi’s website ~ MCP Actions. If you’ve never visited there before, you are in for a treat! Not only does she sell some of the most fantastic Photoshop actions, she does free Photoshop tutorials all the time on her blog. I have learned more from her blog than just about anywhere else on the internet.


One final thing I did, is that I went searching for good photography blogs that I could browse through and study their photos to learn more about how I could be shooting. Most of these people I do not know at all, but I do admire their photography skills. You can find this list on my old “Year In Photos 2008” blog. Just scroll down until you see a list labeled “Inspiration” on the left-hand side. Then click away to your hearts content and prepare to be inspired! I hadn’t checked out a lot of those links for a long time…until tonight. I was once again amazed by the creativity and talent of the many photography bloggers out there.

On a fun note…in the midst of that list, there actually is one website on there that I knew the photographer because we have become friends through our blogs ~ Susan from Short On Words. I think it’s awesome that I admired her photography so much last year that I added her to my list…and now we are friends. 🙂


Ya gotta love the blogging world!