"Joy" Photo Challenge

Amy and I are so excited to begin our third week of I Faces with the wonderful theme of “Joy.” Even though I can’t officially enter into the contests, I still love to play along just for the inspiration and fun of it!

I Faces – Kids


my daughter ~ Weslea

For Weslea, “joy” means having a puppy around her somewhere. Since we don’t have any puppies of our own, she spent quite a bit of time this past fall begging to go to our friend’s house to play with their puppies. Complete puppy heaven for her! 🙂

I Faces – Adults


my friend ~ Chelsey

Chelsey asked me to take her senior photos for her this past summer and she was so stinkin’ fun to hang out with! This photo was taken in a “goofing-off moment” but I think it is a perfect example of the joy of being a senior in high school…giddy with the excitement about an upcoming graduation.

Be sure to take a moment to check out the beautiful faces that are added to I Faces this week! You will certainly be inspired by all the talent you’ll find there.