It's That Time Of Year Again.

I think I’m a fairly sentimental person. I can easily work my way into tears when I’m laying in bed at night just considering the possibility that something terrible *could* happen to my kids or my hubby (my very worst fear in the entire world.)

It makes me sad (and yet happy at the same time) that Will is probably going to be taller than me within a year or so.

It makes me even sadder to think that Will is probably only going to be with us, in our home, for only another 7 years or so. That little fact can just about knock the breath out of me. And it won’t be very long after that before each of our other little ones will be following right along after him.

When each of our kids were born…I remember sitting in the hospital just in awe of the amazing wonder that they were. Being completely captivated by how small and fragile they were and being amazed that God would entrust them to Bill and myself for their time on this earth.

While laying there cuddling them and being amazed by them, I knew that there was going to be a lot of effort, work, happiness and maybe even anguish involved in being a parent.

But, I never even once imagined that soon they would overtake my life with…SPORTS.


And sports (in the form of basketball) has now definitely taken over our lives.


It’s a joy to watch the kids practice, compete, do their very best for their teams, and enjoy their time with their friends.


But, good golly…when you have three kids participating in a sport…that’s a LOT of games to sit through!


The good thing about all these games (in my opinion at least) is that Will now plays on a travel team…which means that we get to travel to the “Big City” for his games every Saturday.

And that means there is one day when this mama won’t have to cook…because “Big City” = “Eating Out” in my book.

Yeah for Basketball!!