I Really Do Love Those Faces!

I have a confession to make…I am stuck in a photography rut! I am completely and utterly obsessed with photographing faces. I think I might need therapy. 🙂

This looooooong weekend was a perfect one for me to practice during. The kids (and their cousins) all had a snow day on Thursday which meant no school. They all had off on Friday for a teacher-inservice day. And they, of course, have no school today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which means that we have had a lot of “Cousin Sleepovers” and I have had plenty of opportunity to practice my face photography on a bunch of different kiddos…and was able to capture so many different expressions.

my sweet daughter ~ Weslea

my niece – Jordyn…..(Don’t you just love how the focus is completely on her ear instead of on her beautiful eyelashes? Urgh…)

my son ~ Will

my nephew ~ Kent

my nephew ~ Ben

lovin’ this face on Weslea…oh my!

my niece ~ Caryn

The ironic part of my weekend though? My favorite photo didn’t end up being one of someone’s face. It ended up being this super-cute shot of Baby Jordyn’s chubby belly…


Have you ever seen so much cute chubbiness all in one spot? I think Amy and I have an idea for a brand-new website. We’ll just call it I Chubby Bellies.

The adult category might not be all that cute though. Just sayin’… *ahem*