Facebook Reconnections

My siblings and I had a somewhat different education experience than what the Average Joe probably experienced in their lifetime. Instead of attending the public school in our area, our parents instead had us attend a very small private Christian school. I attended one school from K through 10th grades and then switched to a different Christian school for my last two years.

There were definite pros and cons for a kid attending a small school like that. Cons would be things like having absolutely no one from your school live anywhere close to you (our school was a good 40 minute drive away from our home) or not being able to get away with anything because all of the teachers knew you, your siblings and your parents. And a major pro would be that your class was very small and you would have the same classmates every year…you got to know them very well and we made deep friendships and many special memories that way.

When our parents pulled us out of the first school, it was exciting to know that we’d be attending a brand-new school where we could make new friends…but it was also very difficult to say goodbye to classmates I had known for eleven years.

In the 15 years since I’ve graduated, I rarely…if ever…saw any of those people again. I thought about them often and wondered where they were or what they were doing, but never had any lasting contact with any of them.

Until…the grand day when Facebook entered my life. I was on Facebook for about a year until I was contacted out-of-the-blue by one of my former classmates. Talk about “Reconnection Junction!” After that, they all started coming out the woodwork and we have been having a ball reconnecting since then.

In December, we had a mini “School Reunion.” Not a class reunion (because then there would have only been two people there), but a school reunion. So much fun to see them all again.

And then last night, some of us girls decided that we didn’t want to wait for another reunion and we all met up at Olive Garden where we proceeded to talk, laugh and reconnect even more over dinner.

My two sisters were there (Andrea and Janine), another Andrea, Adrienne, Chrissy, Sandy and even one of our former teachers…who I am now allowed to call “Kay.” 🙂


My niece, Baby Jordyn, was there too.

I’m happy to report that Baby Jordyn adores her Aunt Angie. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my charm, wit, wonderful personality and the amazing way I interact with babies.


It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I was wearing a bright, shiny, eye-catching, baby-grabbing necklace. Not a thing!


I know that many of you are on Facebook ~ it’s been fun getting to know you better on there. Have you reconnected with anyone special on Facebook that you haven’t seen in awhile? I’d love to hear about any fun Facebook stories you have to share.

I’m a big Facebook fan…seeing how it brought some very special friends back into my life.