One of the best parts of the holidays to me is the extra time I get to spend with my siblings (two sisters and two brothers.) We usually try to take one evening and spend it together while the dads have the lucky job of taking care of all of the kiddos at home.

This year we all met up at my mom and dad’s home and decided to head out to eat dinner together at a nicer Chinese restaurant that is located on the town square. We all took off (minus my poor sister-in-law who wasn’t feeling well) and had a lovely dinner together.

Please notice my brother, Jeff (in the middle photo on the bottom row of this collage.) His wife, Danielle, is the one who had to stay home because she wasn’t feeling well…


And this was poor Jeff about halfway through the dinner…


He and Danielle are sooooo in love….they just have to share everything with each other! Poor her and poor him. I’m pretty sure it didn’t end up being the best holiday they’ve ever experienced together.