A Beautiful Snow Day.

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We experienced our first BIG snowfall of the year last night. And I was thrilled!

I’m usually not a big fan of snow, but it has been so gloomy and gray for so long around here…I was ready for anything but another day of yuck.

When it snows, my two older (and normal) children can’t wait to get dressed up in the multiple layers it takes to survive the cold…and then I won’t see them again for the next five hours. They spend their time outside building forts, making snow families, sledding, playing snow football, or anything else they can do to stay outside as long as they can.


The other two goobers, on the other hand, have absolutely no interest in being outside in the snow. I have no idea where those two aliens came from. You’re a kid? And you don’t like the snow? That’s just insane!

Here are the “Transformers Underwear Boys” in all of their glory, spending their prime I-Could-Be-Outside-Playing-In-The-Snow hours, inside competing in Mario Cart on our Wii.

In absolute disgust I turned to Wyatt and asked…”Don’t you want to play outside? We had a ton of snow! It will be so much fun!”

He replied “Nope. Too cold.”

Then I decided to try out my powers of persuasion on Weston. “Weston…you’ve got to go play outside. It’s beautiful out there!”

Weston’s answer to that? “It’s just white mom.”

I have no idea how I ended up with such completely weird children like those two.

Although, I have a feeling that it might be because they are related to this guy.

Just a sneaky suspicion I have.