10-Year-Old Answered Prayer.

Here is the early morning conversation that I overheard while snuggled under my nice, warm blankets:

Will: Dad, will you check my homework for me to make sure it’s okay.

Dad: You know you don’t have school today.

Will: What?!

Dad: You don’t have school today. It’s been cancelled because it’s too cold outside.

Will (with great enthusiasm): I prayed for that last night and my prayers have been answered!!!!!


Will is now spending his day contemplating important things like:

a) Surely it’s only too cold for me to walk the 30 feet from mom’s van to the school doors. It can’t be too cold for me to play outside for five hours!

b) Should I watch a movie or play on the Wii? Decision, decisions…

c) Where should I hide out so mom won’t notice me and make me clean my room?

d) How many forms of torture can I come up with today to drive my sister crazy?

I hope he doesn’t end up with a headache from all the deep-thinking going on in that brain of his today!