Weslea's New "Do"

Weslea and I took off last night for what should be our bi-monthly trip to the beautician’s to get our hair done. We should be going every other month…but it usually ends up being much longer that that and by the time we get there, we are in desperate need of help with our hairstyle.

In Weslea’s case this was true because the girl got ahold of a pair of scissors six months ago and decided to give herself “bangs.” I use the term “bangs” very loosely here because her “bangs” were cut all the way to her scalp. (Grrrrrr….)

In my case this was true because I received one of the worst haircuts of my life the last time I went in. It was completely my fault too, because I am a “Last-minute Lucy” and I never remember to schedule my appointments in advance. I’m always the one who calls in the day that I decide to get my hair done and I ask if there is any way that I can get in that day. That pretty much guarantees you are going to get a bad haircut. You’d think I would learn…

This time I was a little smarter and called the place that I used to make appointments at all the time and somehow lucked into getting the beautician that I love above all others. I’m sure she was thrilled with the mess that I presented to her last night.

Weslea’s hair turned out adorable…and her “bangs” that she made were now long enough to be made into real bangs. So, she is back to having bangs for the first time since she was 4 years-old…and she looks as cute as a button.

We headed out this morning to get a photo…but the wind wasn’t cooperating with us at all.

So, while we were in the drop-off line at school I asked her to smile for me real quick so that I could take one photo…

Wasn’t I right? She’s a doll!

Of course, with three boys in the backseat of the van…this is what that one, very quickly taken photo actually looked like…


(This particular booger-butt boy making “rabbit ears” over Weslea’s head is our neighbor, Mr. T.)