Super-Creativity Mode.

I am almost completely done with my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping.

Oh, how I wish I were completely finished already.

Weslea is really into crafting and scrapbooking now, so I made a trip to Michael’s the other day to pick up a few more of her gifts. While walking through the store, I saw a Christmas card making kit that was 50% off. I decided to pick up two of them and the kids have been in super-creativity mode ever since.

Yeah for creative projects that keep kids busy for two nights in a row!!

P.S. If you are in any way related to my children…grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, girlfriend of an uncle, cousin, grandma’s dog or grandma’s cute “wittle titty” (little kitty in “Weston language”)…you should probably expect to see one of these cards sometime soon.