Ramblings and a Recipe.

Since I am still feeling a bit loopy (thanks to my new friend, Miss Valium), this post is for sure going to be a bit rambly. I can sense that already…

First off, thank you so much for your prayers, kind words and happy thoughts. I felt absolutely calm when I went to bed on Thursday night and even all the way through to the surgery on Friday. I know that that peace only came because others were praying for me. I can’t thank you enough for that. I spent quite a bit of my time on Thursday evening and then all the way up until the procedure started trying to lift all of you up in prayer as well. So many of you are going through much tougher situations than me (lost jobs right before Christmas, hand surgery, travelling, sick children, money problems, etc.) and I’ve always found that I feel better when I’m praying for others rather than when I’m focusing on the situation that I am having to go through.

I’m doing great today. I didn’t have to grope for my darn glasses this morning, I can read the alarm clock without having my nose two inches away from it, it’s no longer “Fearful Thursday”, it’s no longer “Survive It Friday”…it is officially Saturday. And that feels very good.

Today my eyes basically just feel like I accidentally fell asleep with my contacts in. My eyes feel dry and when I look at lights (like the numbers on the stove) they are a bit blurry. Those problems are supposed to disappear soon though.

All I can say about the “procedure” is that I survived it. It wasn’t fun, but it didn’t make me freak-out, burst into tears or run from the room screaming either. I hope that I never have to do it again…but the reward was well worth the twenty minutes of surgery that I went through. I have worn glasses or contacts since third grade so waking up the first time yesterday evening and realizing that I could actually see without any help was amazing. Completely amazing…a miracle really.

Some Random Thoughts From Me:
1) Many of you said that you were considering having this surgery done. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me (angelastamps@hotmail.com) and I will do my best to answer them for you. I am the biggest surgery chicken in the entire world, so if I was able to do this you definitely will be able to do it too!

2) It completely cracked me up that many of you thought that the photos in my Flappity Flappin’ Flappy Flaps post looked like eyeballs. How funny is that?! I never even noticed the resemblance until you pointed it out. The irrational fear in my subconscious must have been working overtime that day.

3) Pretty much right before I took those photos, I received a call from my neighbor (who is my eye doctor) who told me that he had just received a new fee schedule from the place where my surgery was going to be done. For some unknown reason, they had reduced the price of my surgery by over $1,200. (!!!!!!) That was such an unexpected financial blessing to us…I almost completely flipped out. I ran over to tell one of my photographer friends about it and she started laughing. “I was wondering why you were getting so excited about photographing those flowers. They’re pretty, but not that pretty!”

4) The photos from that post were taken at Boyert’s Greenhouse and Gift Shop. (For you local people, it is located on route 3 inbetween Medina and Seville.) It is an amazing garden center that I buy a lot of our plants from. I didn’t notice those specific decorations until right when we were getting ready to leave and then I couldn’t tear myself away from them…they were so gorgeous! They were all on stakes (I think they are supposed to go in your garden) but the shop owners had put them under a blacklight which gave them that beautiful glow.

5) For all that work I did on Thursday night making the treats for the class parties and the yummies for the teacher’s gift bags….our school got cancelled due to an ice storm that day. Can you even believe that?! My sister and I complained about that all the way to the eye center, because the roads were not bad at all. They were a bit slushy, but not slippery or icy at all. Grrrrr! I guess I can look at it that at least I now have plenty of treats that I can freeze away and pull out for the upcoming family Christmas get-togethers.

And now, here’s the recipe for the second treat idea that I promised to post about. I have been told that these taste a lot like Heath candy bars, but I have never actually tried these because I hate Heath candy bars! However, anytime my sisters bring these to a party or a get-together, they are instantly gone. Everyone else loves them.

Saltine Candy Treats:

40 saltine crackers
1 cup butter
1 cup light brown sugar
1 small bag of chocolate chips
chopped nuts (any kind but my sister usually uses almonds)


1) Line a large bar pan with aluminum foil
2) Line up your crackers in the pan (8 rows of 5 crackers in each) with the salt side up
3) On your stovetop, melt 1 cup of butter then add 1 cup of light brown sugar
4) Let the mixture come to a full roiling boil and then set the timer for 3 minutes
5) You will need to stir the mixture for the entire 3 minutes it is boiling
6) Pour the mixture over the saltines and spread it around (it will be very thick)
7) Put your pan in a 400 degree oven for 5 minutes
8) After it is done baking, pour one bag of chocolate chips on top and spread it around
9) Sprinkle the nuts on top
10) Put in the freezer to completely chill
11) When the treat is completely chilled, pull the tin foil off the back and then break into irregular chunks
12) Your yummy treat (well, at least it’s yummy to most people) is now ready to share!

The only thing I might suggest would be spraying the tin foil with Pam Spray first. Most of the tin foil came off easily, but I had to work on the edges quite a bit to get it off.


Enjoy your weekend everyone…I know that I’m going to enjoy mine! 🙂