Our Christmas Decorating.

I have enjoyed browsing through so many Christmas decorating ideas on so many of your blogs this week…you all are such beautiful home decorators and so creative with your decorating ideas!

I am a day late and a dollar short (like usual), but decided to share my little bit of Christmas decorating with all of you today.

Most of our decorations are found in our living room area. When you first enter our home, you would be greeted by this view…

These are two outdoor trees that I bought last year…unfortunately for me, we live in a freaking wind tunnel and these trees spent all of last winter being tossed to-and-fro and constantly ending up blown over on our porch. Due to that, I moved them indoor this year…and now, if you just happen to drive past our home at night, you would probably think that our living room is on fire from all the lights that are shining in there all night long!

When you are in our foyer, if you turn to the right you would see our staircase and the lit garland decorating it (again…even more lights in a very small area.)

And to the right of our foyer would be our Christmas tree, which I have decorated in a primitive theme for the last five years or so.

This cute snowman was a gift from my talented aunt

Who also made me this beautiful ornament ~ which is honestly my favorite ornament ever. On it is a picture of my Grandpa Howard and Grandma June when they were newly married. They look so young and so in love and it makes my heart happy everytime I look at them on my tree.

When I decided to go with a primitive theme…I really didn’t want to spend very much money doing so. One thing I did to save money was I made my own garland and a matching tree skirt. I went to WalMart one day, bought a big bolt of discounted fabric, cut strips of fabric to use as my garland and then wrapped the rest of the fabric around the bottom of my tree. It was quick, easy and involved absolutely no sewing. (The only kind of garland and tree skirt I’d ever be able to accomplish.)

This year I found a couple of bargains at Joann’s on the day after Thanksgiving. Long strands of red berries…

And wooden candy canes. (All of this year’s added decorations were at least 50% off when I purchased them.)

Many of the ornaments on our tree have special meaning to me. This is one of many ornaments that we were given as a gift on our wedding day. (When you get married close to Christmas and have a Christmas themed wedding…you are guaranteed to get a lot of Christmas ornaments on your wedding day!)

And this is another wedding day ornament. It was cross-stitched by a lady at my mom and dad’s church…I will always remember her just because of this beautiful ornament she thoughtfully made for us.

And then there are the ornaments that warm a mama’s heart.

The ones with photos of the kiddos in them…

And the ones that the kids make and then bring home to proudly display for everyone to see them…


Some have hidden meanings. (This particular one was given as a gag gift to my hubby because he HATES everything about s’mores…something we get to hear about at every single family bonfire we attend throughout the summer.)

And some I can’t even remember who gave them to me, but they remind me of something or someone special. (This one reminds me of my dad because he gave me a figurine of a mom, dad and baby that was made by this same artist when our last child was born.)

Other than our living room area, the only other decorations we have up are our outdoor icicle Christmas lights (because Weston begged for them this year), the small trees that each of the kids have up in their rooms and then this pretty display in my kitchen.

Have you posted a link to your Christmas decorations on your blog? If so, be sure to share the link in the comments area today. I know we’d all love to see how everyone else is decorating this year.

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