Miss "Talkie"

One of my very most favorite parts of the day is when I hear the school bus pull up at the end of our driveway, see our three schoolage kiddos hop on out, wait for the signal from the bus driver and then run, run, RUN as fast as they can up our long driveway.

They are always so excited to be home! Weston and I enjoy our time together, but it never feels quite complete until all the chickies are back home again.

The kid’s main question when they get home is “What can we have for a snack????” It never fails, their first thought is almost always of their tummy.

Sometimes I’ll catch them out in the yard or in the house first though and make them tell me a bit about their day before they can get their snack in their mouth.

Their responses to my questioning will vary from teasing…

To goofing-off…

To complete indifference (from the boy who is around my camera all day long)…

But my Wessie-girl, she always has a big, long story to tell me when she gets home from school.

Whether she’s indignant over receiving a tender note from her Secret Admirer…

Or in tears because she wasn’t given a speaking part in the annual Christmas play…

Or happy about something funny her teacher told them in school that day…

That girl always has a story to tell me!

On the day I took these photos, I’m pretty sure she was telling me something that happened on the playground that she thought was hysterically funny.

Good golly, Miss Molly…I sure do love having at least one talkative girl. Without her this is the sum total of what I would know about my children’s day at school….”I don’t know…I guess it was fine Mom.”