"Frat Boys" Funny.

I spent most of yesterday trying to start the overwhelming task of reorganizing my stamping and crafting materials so that we can begin to move it all over to the smaller room in our basement that is going to become my new crafting room. We have decided to take on the huge project of finishing our basement this winter and are planning to make the larger room in our basement into a family room…so that means that I have to somehow find a way to fit my millions of crafting supplies into the much smaller room.

I’m getting a headache again just thinking about how I’m going to possibly accomplish that task.

Sweatiepy provided a much needed break for me when he came to the top of the stairs and yelled “you better get up here Hon…the frat boys are going to try to dance this week!”

I immediately ran up the stairs. You see, we are fans of The Amazing Race. Have you ever seen this show? It involves teams of two people racing each other around the world each week, doing these crazy tasks in all kinds of different countries. At the end of the season, the winning team gets the reward of $1,000,000.

I often imagine Sweatiepy and I trying to become one of the Amazing Race teams…and then I quickly imagine our marriage not surviving the stress involved and that’s the end of that dream!

One of the teams on this season’s show is called the Frat Boys. We have always been amused by them because they are the last people that we would ever have imagined being called Frat Boys. Both of these young men are somewhat dorky and bumbling…and they make some seriously idiotic blunders every single week. Yet somehow they have managed to stumble along and become one of the final three teams. (?!)

Last week, I literally almost peed my pants watching them try to accomplish one of the tasks ~ marching with an small command of soldiers in another country. I thought that I didn’t have rhythm? I thought that I couldn’t dance?? I am here to tell you that I look like Beyonce compared to these poor guys.

So, for your viewing pleasure on a cold Monday morning….here are the Frat Boys attempting to learn a march:

I hope you weren’t eating anything while watching that…otherwise there might be some spewing involved.