Flappity Flappin' Flappy Flaps.

(The photos in this post are completely unrelated to what this post is about. Just consider them to be here for your viewing pleasure. All of these photos were taken on the “December Photography Drive” I went on with my two friends from church on Tuesday. The weather was so yucky here that we drove to an indoor Nursery & Garden Center. The owners kindly let us spend a couple of hours in their greenhouses and gift shop practicing our photography skills.)

Remember way, way, waaaaaaay back when? When I was tagged in a me-me and I mentioned that I have an extreme phobia to surgery?

Well, tomorrow I am voluntarily putting myself “under the knife” (or should I say “under the laser”) to have my vision permanently corrected.


To say that I am nervous about the event would be a major understatement on my part.

So, I am doing several things to distract myself:

1) Surfing blogs (Would you all please kindly start blogging a bit more tonight so that I can take my mind off what’s going to be happening tomorrow? I thought you all were my friends?!?)

2) Cooking dinner (one of my least favorite things to do)

3) Making 70+ Christmas treats for three classroom parties that will be going on tomorrow (another one of my least favorite things to do)

4) Praying

5) Trying to pretend that tomorrow is over and it is actually Saturday already


I know I am a being a big chicken about this. I know that millions of people have done this and they have all made it through the surgery intact. But do you think my brain will comprehend that fact and settle my nerves? Unfortunately, nope! It won’t.

My brother-in-law kindly mentioned to my sister that I am being a baby about this. My dear husband, Sweatiepy, is being his characteristically unsympathetic self…

“A lady at work had laser surgery done on her eyes and she said that it is easy.” He told me in a phone call today. “She said that she didn’t even need the valium to get through it.

Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallllllly?!?!? “I think you need to shut it right now!” was my reply.


It started when I went to my eye doctor several weeks ago (who just happens to be the dad in the neighbor family that we like so much.)

After a long, detailed explanation of the minor details and possible risks of the surgery, he began talking about the surgery itself. It didn’t take too awful long before he got to the part about “and when they cut the flaps in your eye…” And that’s when I began to have a slight problem.

His words all began to sound like this “and then there will be a flappity, flapping, flappiness flap cut into your EYEBALL…you know the flap, flappin’ flappy thingies in your EYEBALL….that’s where the flappy flaps will be cut…”

At that point, when I visibly started to shake and there was a distinct ringing going on in my ears, I politely asked him to please come up with another description for that part of the surgery other than “flap.”

So, he began to use the description “during the initial part of the procedure” which thankfully didn’t upset my stomach quite as much as the word “flap” had.

When he noticed my sweat-sheened brow and the green-tinge on my face, he also quickly mentioned that “he’d be sure to get a prescription for valium for me so that I could take the pills with me to my appointment rather than waiting to have them given to me there.”

Did I ever mention how much I love my neighbors? I do! I really do.


(Hey look! It’s a self-portrait of me.)

My main problem tonight is that I know about the term “flap” now and that term has been floating around in this little chicken head of mine for over two weeks. That and the second problem of finding out about the cups that are put inside your eyelids to keep your eyelids open during the entire procedure.


Obviously…any prayers, kind thoughts, wishful thinking, and more prayers that you would like to send up for me would be greatly appreciated. Prayers are good. Prayers are very good.


(I can honestly say that I’m really not this fat in real life. At least I hope I’m not. Very flattering Angie…)

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to stop thinking about the word “flaps” for the next 14 hours or so.

And I’m going to try to avoid that pretty valium pill that is looking so very, very tempting right now.