In approximately two hours….Sweatiepy and I will officially have been married fifteen years.

Fifteen years. I think that means that we are old.

Since there is 0% chance of me taking a photo of the two of us together today (I know this because he informed me that there is a 0% chance that a photo is going to happen), I decided to pull out the old wedding album to take a trip down memory lane.


While browsing through our photos, it didn’t take me very long to realize how much has changed in fifteen years…

This teeny-tiny waist hasn’t been seen around these parts for YEARS.

My grandparents have all passed on since then…I miss them so much and am so glad that they were all able to be there for our special day.

My diamond is gone…{sob}. I looked at my hand one day several years ago and almost passed out when I saw that my diamond had fallen out of the setting. I looked everywhere and never saw another sign of it anywhere.

And many things have stayed the same…

I still have my family.

And we still have that special spark.

Fifteen years of growing, sharing, living, compromising, learning, and always loving each other. I can only hope that we have at least another fifteen together.