"Dirty" Letters.

What a busy past week and weekend it has been! Many get-togethers with family, Christmas gatherings, and many, many Christmas photos that I haven’t even had a chance to edit yet.

And, in the midst of all that, I have been busy trying to put the final touches on a photography sharing forum (that I am hoping you all will want to be a part of) called I Faces.

I am so excited by this endeavor that was dreamed up by myself and my good friend, Amy from Living Locurto. I absolutely love some of the other photography sharing websites I have come across (most notably SkyWatch), but my photography passion usually centers around people…and their beautiful, unique faces…and the wonderful emotions that their faces convey. Several months ago, we realized that there wasn’t a photography sharing forum for those types of photos. That’s when the idea for I Faces was born.

I’ll be sharing more about this new website over the next two weeks, but be sure to go over there today to check it out. We are still “under construction” but Amy and I are counting on all of you, our wonderful blogging friends and family, to let us know if you see any glaring spelling errors or broken links that we need to fix. We are also hoping that you will help us spread the word over the next two weeks so that we will be off to a fun, exciting start on our first day…January 12th.


And, for a bit of fun…look what I found when I was switching photo files to my external hard drive yesterday…


Yes, my dear four-year-old boy snuck behind my back a couple of weeks ago and decided to practice his letters and numbers with our dirty, gross flyswatters. His first words to me were “Wook mommy! My made an “X”!”


He always was such a proper little boy. Oh well, at least we both know where the sink and soap are located!

Now…head on over to I Faces and check out what all the buzz is about!