Dance To The Music!

On our 1 and a 1/2 mile stretch of road, there are eleven houses and very few children. We are friendly with everyone on our road, but we honestly don’t see most of them very often. The homes are all located too far apart to encourage friendly chats “across the fence” and everyone pretty much stays to themselves.

Lucky for us, the neighbor family that lives right next door to us have become very good friends of ours. Three of their four children are very close in ages to ours, our children play with theirs all year long, we carpool the kids to school in the morning together, and sometimes my neighbor friend and I even excercise together. We are so blessed to call them our neighbors and our friends.

When we first moved in here, their oldest daughter (Miss M) was only five years old and just getting ready to head out the door to kindergarten. On Friday evening, I got to photograph her and one of her friends (Miss S) before they headed out the door to….a dance.


I cannot believe that she is old enough to go to dances already!

My neighbor girl ~ Miss M.

And her good friend ~ Miss S.

They, being the modern 8th grade women that they are, decided that they didn’t need a boy to go to the dance with them…and instead attended the dance with a group of their girlfriends. As a mom…I say “Yeah for modern women!” 🙂

They weren’t really all that excited about the idea of being photographed when they were first told that I was coming over…

But, by the time we were finished, they decided that it wasn’t all that bad.

When my neighbor was driving them to the dance, they even told her that they “loved” it and couldn’t “wait to do it again.”

Which is good for me because that means that I’ll get to practice my photography on two young ladies who know how to hold still and smile for the camera….a photographer’s dream come true!