Christmas Treat Ideas.

I spent most of last night preparing 70+ treats for three classroom Christmas parties today (I was fortunate that Weston’s teachers decided to keep their celebration small and so I didn’t have to make treats for his class.) I also finished up the yummies for the gift bags I am giving to each teacher.

I wanted to share several of these ideas with all of you.

Christmas Candy Cane Treats:

The first one was “stolen” directly from Sandy Toes at Shell In Your Pocket. She is one super-creative, talented lady…and even though we just met through our blogs randomly one day, it didn’t take long for us to realize that she used to live real close to where I live now. What a small world we live in!

I was browsing through blogs yesterday, spent a little bit of time at hers and found this treat idea that I knew my kids would love…so I did what any reasonable woman would do. I copied it completely.


How cute are these? My kids drove me nuts all night long trying to eat them instead of letting me save them for their party…they looked that yummy!


Some tips I figured out along the way…

1) Buy extra candy canes because way too many of them will break when you are trying to take the blasted plastic wrap off of them.
2) Use a skewer to poke holes in your marshmallows before you try to put them on the candy cane.
3) Spray the skewer with Pam Spray before you try to skewer the marshmallows. This helps keep the gunky mess to a minimum.
4) Spend plenty of time talking to your children about candy canes while you are working. You might find out that your 8-year-old child has spent her entire life thinking they were “Candy Kings” instead of candy canes. (?!)

The second recipe I worked on is an old standby that I use as a filler in my Christmas gifts almost every year…our family calls it “Christmas Crunch.” I know there are variations of this recipe everywhere, but I first learned about it through my sister, Janine.

“Christmas Crunch” Ingredients:
Chex cereal (I prefer the corn and rice kinds)
Small stick pretzels
Christmas colored M&M’s
Mixed nuts
Bark chocolate (green, red and white)

Cover your table with wax paper and literally throw all of the dry ingredients into a big pile on it.

Melt your bark chocolate and drizzle it all over the mess you created.

Let the chocolate harden and voila! You have a quick, yummy treat that you can package up to give to everyone you love.


And they will love you right back for it!

And here’s a third treat idea. I have been told that these taste a lot like Heath candy bars, but I have never actually tried these because I hate Heath candy bars! However, anytime my sisters bring these to a party or a get-together, they are instantly gone. Everyone else loves them.

Saltine Candy Treats:

40 saltine crackers
1 cup butter
1 cup light brown sugar
1 small bag of chocolate chips
chopped nuts (any kind but my sister usually uses almonds)


1) Line a large bar pan with aluminum foil
2) Line up your crackers in the pan (8 rows of 5 crackers in each) with the salt side up
3) On your stovetop, melt 1 cup of butter then add 1 cup of light brown sugar
4) Let the mixture come to a full roiling boil and then set the timer for 3 minutes
5) You will need to stir the mixture for the entire 3 minutes it is boiling
6) Pour the mixture over the saltines and spread it around (it will be very thick)
7) Put your pan in a 400 degree oven for 5 minutes
8) After it is done baking, pour one bag of chocolate chips on top and spread it around
9) Sprinkle the nuts on top
10) Put in the freezer to completely chill
11) When the treat is completely chilled, pull the tin foil off the back and then break into irregular chunks
12) Your yummy treat (well, at least it’s yummy to most people) is now ready to share!

The only thing I might suggest would be spraying the tin foil with Pam Spray first. Most of the tin foil came off easily, but I had to work on the edges quite a bit to get it off.