Beautiful Start To My Morning.

I was all snuggled down in my warm bed this morning when the phone rang and my neighbor (who has a large open field across the road from her home) informed me that there was a beautiful sunrise this morning and I’d better hurry if I wanted to catch it before it was gone.


I hurriedly tried to get ready…which took several minutes due to the fact that it is freezing here and I needed to find a sweater, heavy pants, warm socks, my new boots, and my winter coat…and took off across our yard, and across her yard, and across the large field next to her home until I was finally able to get a clear view of the sunrise she had seen.


By the time I did all that, I was only able to catch the glorious glow at the end of the sunset. Which was amazingly beautiful…but oh how I wish that I had been able to capture the beautiful reds that she described to me later.

I thought about delivering her newspaper to her but then decided that her driveway was way too long to walk up again AND she probably wouldn’t want to be greeted with the breath I was sporting this morning. Yowza.


I guess I need to be like a fireman…always prepared and have my boots and coat next to the bed, ready for me to hop into in the morning. These sunrises are difficult to capture when you’re not a morning person!