Special K Cookies

This morning I awoke in a panic when it suddenly hit me that today was our big Thanksgiving Dinner at church…and I still hadn’t made the dessert that I was supposed to be bringing with me. When it comes to anything involving cooking, I can easily go into denial until the very last minute and pretend that I don’t actually have to cook anything. Then all of the sudden, panic mode will set in and I will realize that I better get busy…NOW.

Thank goodness for my mom and the numerous easy-cheesy recipes she has passed on to her non-cooking daughter. One of those recipes is her “Special K Cookies.” I am not a huge fan of cookies (I would much rather pig out on a bag of potato chips and chip dip) but my four kids, their three cousins who were here today and the two big-kid dads (my husband and my brother-in-law) can all attest that these cookies are yum-my!

Even though there is a slight possibility that they resemble a pile of dog poo. I guess you will have to try to get past the look of the cookie so that you can get to the yummy part of eating the cookie.


Special K Cookie Recipe:

1 cup dark or light Karo syrup
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups peanut butter (my mom always used crunchy; I use creamy)
4 cups Special K or Corn Flakes (or another similar cereal)

Mix Karo syrup and sugar in a large pan. Bring to a boil and then boil for exactly one minute. Take off the burner and then add peanut butter. Finally, mix in the cereal.

That’s it! This one is so easy that even I can’t mess them up…not even when I’m in panic mode on the morning of the big dinner. That’s saying something there!

If you enjoy yummy desserts with peanut butter in them, you’ll want to try out these yummy peanut butter buckeyes as well. Last June when I turned a certain age in my 30’s, my friend, Lori, dropped a batch of these off on my front door step and I suddenly didn’t mind getting a year older so much…they were that good.

Even if you’re a yucky Michigan fan, you’ll probably still love those Buckeyes. (hee-hee!)