Rec Center News.

Since I talked your ears off about my “jello arms” yesterday (which overnight now feel even more “jello-ey” and makes me dread “jello leg” Friday even more)…I thought I’d share a bit more today about the Rec Center that my sister and I joined in September. Along with some completely unrelated photos of Weston at the park yesterday so that you won’t feel the need to snooze off on me.

My sister’s school district has a Rec Center that was extremely cheap for her family to join. Unfortunately, it was less cheap for me to join because I don’t live in that school district. We discussed joining this place off and on all summer and I finally decided to take the plunge because I knew all about me and cold weather. We don’t do well together. We dislike each other very much. And I knew that once the Ohio cold weather hit, my running would completely stop because this girl does not like to get cold. At all.

So, joining the Rec Center was a good thing for me in several ways. I can keep up with my excercising. I can avoid the cold weather. And (best of all) I have someone who will go to the Rec Center with me which makes it much harder to back out of our scheduled days since I know that I’ll be letting her down.

Our scheduled days to go are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while our boys are in preschool together. We meet at the preschool, leave one vehicle parked there, drive to the Rec Center, spend TWO HOURS working out, and then drive back to preschool to pick up the boys.

Most days I’d rather be at home doing something else that is much more important…like blogging, or reading other people’s blogs, or checking out facebook. You know ~ all things that make your butt spread farther but…they are fun!

Because of the “accountability factor” though, we have stuck to our M,W,F plan pretty faithfully.

Being at this Rec Center has taught me that Rec Centers are a world of their own. When we arrive at 9:00 a.m., we have entered and invaded “Sr. Citizen Land” and that has become quite a hoot all by itself. A source of never-ending entertainment.

There are a few people our age that workout at the same time as us, but they are very few…and very far between. The majority of the people there between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. are in the age range of 65-90. Seriously. They really are.

We don’t have to worry a bit about being the fattest, least-fit, unhealthiest, flabbiest, jiggliest or slowest. There are at least 50 people who beat us out in all of those categories. And I LOVE that!

What we have found is that the “more mature” people at the center are interesting to say the least. Let me break a few of them down for you:

1) The Pervert ~ let’s just get the bad apple out of the way first. On the very first day we ventured into the weight machine area, The Pervert (who is an older, somewhat distinguished looking gentleman) came over to introduce himself to us and immediately launched into a dirty joke about his and his wife’s sex life. I am not kidding you. It was an awful, completely uncomfortable, inappropriate moment to say the least. We have since learned that whenever The Pervert is around…put your I-pod earbuds in your ears immediately. Even if there is no music playing. It’s the only way to get out of his dirty jokes.

2) The Overachiever ~ there is one older lady there that power-walks for at least an hour and I know that I couldn’t keep up with her if I tried. She’s a machine! For all her work though, she hasn’t lost a bit of weight which makes me think that her routine isn’t working very good for her.

3) Miss Party Animal ~ there is another lady who just looks very, very rough and she watches VH1 and MTV the entire time she is working out. Her face looks like she has to be in her 60’s at least, but she is toned and skinny as anything. The weirdest thing is that at the very top of her ultra-skinny 60 year-old body, there is a very perky part of her that just looks completely unnatural and fake. Fake boobies in your 60’s is not attractive.

4) Song-and-Dance Man ~ on Fridays, one of the nursing homes brings their residents to the Rec Center to walk around the track. One of the residents is this sweet, endearing older man who (bless his heart) literally takes an hour to make one lap around the track. And for the entire hour, he will sporadically break out in song. He’s so cute I just want to hug him!

5) The Prowler ~ there is another 60ish/70ish lady who is very curvy (if ya know what I mean) and she wears the tightest workout clothes that I have ever seen. And she has make-up slathered all over her face. And she is wearing all her finest/flashiest jewelry. All we can figure is that she is on the prowl for a gentleman friend. So far none of the gentleman have taken her up on it.

6) Mr. Amazing ~ this guy is unbelievable. He starting running when he was 65 and has won award after award after award since then. We’ve heard from numerous people about how he was telling everyone last year that he couldn’t wait until he turned 80 so that he would move up into the next age bracket at races and would be able to win every time. Well, he turned 80 this year and qualified to compete in the Sr. Olympics in California next summer. He is my fitness hero!

7) Ms. Flirt ~ I don’t know exactly how to describe her. She’s also a bit more mature (probably in her 50’s/60’s), wears the tightest, shortest shorts I have ever seen at the Rec Center…and she should NOT be wearing them. She also flirts non-stop with any man who shows interest at all. She also complains about her “mean husband” the entire time as well. She also carries a container of brown liquid everywhere she goes that I’m half convinced is full of some type of alcoholic beverage. Yikes!

And, now…I’ve saved the best for last. You see, since our first day at the Rec Center, I have acquired a new friend that my loving sister has dubbed “My Boyfriend.” This is the man that seems to have taken an interest in me (which was quite uncomfortable at first but has now become kind of sweet) and for the longest time would only acknowledge me and would completely ignore my sister. Let me introduce you to him (this is all information that
he has shared with me along the way):

1) He is 67 years-old.
2) He wears polyester blue shorts, a white t-shirt, and white knee socks to the Rec Center everyday. S.E.X.Y.
3) He has “perfect” teeth (I am not making this up; he really told me this one day) because they are all fake. I then got a 10 minute description of the day all of his real teeth were pulled out.
4) He has “gained so many muscles since joining the Rec Center” that he now wears an XL shirt instead of a L shirt.
5) His wife is in the stretching class every M/W/F and he is happy about that because “she needs it.” (!)
6) He thinks I have a beautiful smile and that I need to smile more often (this is the original conversation that led to me finding out about his fake teeth.)
7) He thought I was 25 (I wish! I think he was trying to earn brownie points with that one.)
8) He will now finally acknowledge my sister. She claims it’s because he’s trying the “let’s see if I can reach the girl through her best friend” routine.
9) He can talk for two hours straight. Non-stop. Barely needs to breathe. Just talks and talks and talks.

The neat thing about the Rec Center though is that these older people really enjoy being together. They workout together the entire time, laughing and joking. The older ladies will finish their stretching class and then spread out tables in a side room to play cards. The older men will finish their excercises and then meet in the TV area to drink coffee and talk. It’s a wonderful slice of community that they have developed there.

I’m glad that they don’t mind us sharing it with them.

* * * * *

And, if you can stand just one other Rec Center story…yesterday I think I received the nicest compliment that I have ever heard. One of the younger men that works out at the same time as us brought his son to the Rec Center with him. While my sister was on the weight machine, the son came over and started talking to me a bit. We chit-chatted for awhile and then I asked him “What grade are you in?” He replied that he was in 6th grade.

And then…oh it still give me chills to think of it…then he turned to me and said the sweetest words ever spoken…”What grade are you in?” he asked me.

I’m half in love with the little sweetheart! He sure knows how to charm the ladies.

This little guy knows how to charm this lady too…