Quivering Mass Of Jello…That's Me.

I’m just posting random photos that I shot today that all illustrate just how stinkin’ cold Ohio is right now. There are some things about myself that I don’t understand and one of those things is this…how is it that I’ve lived almost my entire life in the cold state of Ohio, and the cold still affects me so much? I really don’t understand that.


Another thing about myself that I don’t understand is this…how is it that I’ve been working out religiously for over four months now and I’m still such a wimp?

Last night I went to the Rec Center (where I usually work out now) with my sister and her brother-in-law. Her BIL has been reading about fitness, lifting weights and watching his weight for over a year now so we were hoping that he could give us a fitness routine that would work better for our fitness goals…the main goal being to lose as much weight as we can.

And we basically found out that we have been doing everything wrong. He gave us a step-by-step routine for Mondays (which will now be known as the day we torture our chest and tri’s), Wednesdays (the day when our back and biceps will be quivering in agony) and Fridays (the day when our legs will be hurting so bad that we’ll have to help each other walk out of the rec center.) He also showed us how to correctly use each machine.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


It’s horrible! And I’m a weak, wimpy, whining, namby-pamby, quivering ball of agony right now. Complete jello, that’s me. I actually just spent a few minutes puzzling over whether or not I could use my toes to type out this blog post.

I am thankful that her BIL was able to help us figure out how to have a more effective routine though. It’s very discouraging to put so much time and effort into getting healthy and notice absolutely no difference on the scale. He seems to think that what we are going to do now will help a lot in that area.


I wasn’t able to figure out how to type with my toes, but I’m wondering…do you think I’ll possibly be able to do the vacuuming with my feet? Hmmm…maybe I should go take a little nap and ponder over that thought. I should be able to figure it out in about four hours or so.