One Simple Hour.

This is Ashley, a young lady who took piano lessons from me for quite a few years when she was in elementary and middle school.


And this is her beautiful dog, Snow Cone.


Ashley called me last Friday and asked if I had any free time that day. I had about an hour free inbetween school parties so I said “Sure ~ a little bit of time. Why?”


She then explained that her dog has had a degenerative bone condition for quite some time, but that it had finally reached the point of not being treatable any longer. The dog’s poor bones are literally breaking apart from the slightest bit of pressure. She had also just found out that her dog was probably going to be put under sometime this week.


In the midst of her tears she asked, “Would you please take some pictures of us so that I’ll be able to remember her?”


Now, if that doesn’t just break your heart…I don’t know what will.


So, we spent an hour walking around my property finding places where Ashley and Snow Cone could cuddle and play and love on each other a bit.


There were a few times when the tears flowed…


But many moments of happiness as well…


And I came to realize that that one little hour gave Ashley some much needed peace and calm in the midst of the sadness whe was experiencing.


It was a real moment for me…one of those moments that completely reinforced why I love the hobby of photography so much.


To know that my giving up one simple hour of my time would mean so much to another person…that’s what this hobby is all about to me…and it makes it even more special in my heart.