My Better Half.

My friend Amy from Living Locurto wants to meet everyone’s husbands today. Like she said on her blog, we’ve all gotten to know each other a bit, but we pretty much know nothing about everyone’s other half. This is your chance to brag on…or embarrass…your hubby for the whole world to see!

This handsome guy is my hubby who also goes by the names of Bill, Honey, Babe or even Sweatiepy (the awful blogger nickname he picked out for himself quite some time ago.)


And that photo above is actually a good picture of him. {sigh}

Because whenever a camera shows up anywhere near his face, he usually looks more like this…


And then I usually get mad and the yelling begins!

So, because of my dear friend Amy, I had the pleasure of going through the nightmare “Hubby Photo Shoot” last night. He wasn’t real thrilled about the whole deal…so then he started acting like a goofball…which then led to the kids acting like goofballs…which then led to mom getting frustrated and maybe yelling a bit more….

They didn’t seem to care that I was getting mad. It just made the whole ornery bunch happier. They live to frustrate their mama.


What can I say about Bill?

Many of you have read his comments on here from time to time ~ so you already know that he has a wicked funny bone, is sarcastic as all get out, and is usually completely (by his own choice) non-photogenic.

Here he is posing for every single one of these pictures. I couldn’t get a natural looking photo from him if I tried. “Hurry up Angie!” he’d yell. “I can’t hold this pose forever you know.”

By this point in the photo shoot, I’m literally growling.

Outside of the whole “I hate the camera” complex, he’s actually a completely normal, well-adjusted guy that I happen to love with all my heart and being. I know the “normal” part is difficult to believe sometimes, but he is. I promise!


Like most couples, throughout the years we have been through our up-and-downs.

After almost fifteen years of marriage though, I cannot imagine life without this man.

he is my husband. the father of my children. our provider. the spiritual leader of our home. my steadfast rock when I’m freaking out. our resident handy man. an incredible chef. my greatest champion. the kid’s soccer and basketball coach. a lover of talk radio. my back-scratcher extraordinaire.


he’s the player of board games who can’t stand to lose. and the one who makes the kids feel special when they are finally able to beat him at one of the games. the designated “pile-on person” during the family wrestling matches. the guy to beat in video games. the one who will snuggle up and watch a Disney movie with the kids for the 1,000th time. the inventor of impromptu nicknames for everyone in our family.


he’s an Ohio State football fan. the sound booth dude at our church and the person who cleans the church every 4th Saturday. he’s the fixer-upper of any vehicle that we might own. he’s the one who never complains when the house is a mess. he adores my chocolate chip cookies. he’s fun. he’s written poems just for me.


he’s the one who encourages me to “get out of the house” when he can sense that I’m about ready to lose my mind. the one who watches the kids so that I can be involved in ministries at our church…ministries that mean the world to me. he’s the hater of laundry who once suggested that we solve our “folding socks” issue by throwing everyone’s socks away and just buying new ones. the one who has rearranged my stamp room more times that I can count just because he loves me. he’s my man that goes to work day after day after day, even when he’d really rather not go.


he’s the guy who wakes up early so that he can go to work early so that he can hopefully be home by 5:00 every evening…because all he wants to do is be home so that he can be with us.

he’s also the one who will probably leave a snarky comment on this post…just to aggravate me.

he’s my heart. he’s my love. he’s mine. my better half.