Mr. Crabby Patty

Over the last six months or so as I have become more aware of the massive world of bloggers out there, I have become very aware of the fact that bloggers are passionate about their politics! I am one of those people who has known for quite some time who I would be voting for. So, while I found reading the viewpoints of others interesting, anything I’ve read online or heard through the television didn’t change my mind about my vote at all.

My little blog has always been more about sharing my life as a stay-at-home mom to four beautiful munchkins who are living in a teeny-tiny town in the middle of Nowheresville, OH. A scrapbook of sorts about the life we are spending together. I usually wouldn’t delve into politics on here at all…but, there is one thing about politics that I am passionate about…and that would be my right and privilege to vote.

While living in Nowheresville, OH can be a inconvenient many times…there is one really great thing about living in the boonies. I can pretty much guarantee that I will have absolutely no wait in my voting line today. And I can’t wait to get there to add my voice to the voting process today.

* * * * *

In other, much less important, news…most of you know that the reason we live where we do, in a home that needed a lot of work on it when we bought it (and still needs a lot of work done to it even eight years later), is because we really wanted to have a nice bit of property for our kids to grow up on. Somewhere for them to be able to safely wander and roam to their heart’s content.

And one of the things about this “needs a lot of work” home that has always needed a lot of work is our roof. Mr. Handy Man (a.k.a. Sweatiepy or my Dear Husband) has spent countless hours patching our roof everytime we have any kind of wind storm whip past our home. And, since we seem to live in a wind tunnel, he has been up there a LOT.

The last time he fixed our roof, he accidentally purchased the wrong color of shingles for his patch-up job. As I pulled up to our house that day, I almost had a freak-out attack when I glanced over and saw that our roof had patches of different colors all over it. Everywhere he had fixed the roof, there was a patch of the wrong color of shingles.

I, being the reasonable woman that I am, insisted that he fix them right now…”We have a giraffe roof and it looks ridiculous!” He, being the unreasonable man that he sometimes can be, insisted that “It looks just fine. No one will even notice!”

One of our many “unnoticeable” giraffe spots.

So, here we are several months later and I am thanking God for the other Mr. Handy Man in our lives. My brother-in-law, who is a home remodeler and contractor, whom I like to call Crabby Patty.

Although I think he might prefer for me to just call him Pat.

I get to thank Crabby Patty for the new, single-colored roof we are having put on our home this week.

And I guess I can also thank the hurricane that blew through Ohio a month or so ago and finally did enough damage to our roof to warrant an insurance claim. (I still have a difficult time believing that we actually had hurricane damage in Ohio…boggles the mind.)

What I am not thanking Pat for is the heart attack he is giving me as I look at him perched on the very tip-top of our roof. The heights thing gets my heart heart a-pumping everytime.

I am also not thanking him for one other little thing. You see, when I asked Crabby Patty on Sunday when he would be starting the work on our roof he told me I’ll be starting on it tomorrow.” He never even once mentioned that another handy man would be showing up with him.

And that other guy showing up meant that I spent my morning in complete whirwind panic mode while I tried to make my home presentable enough for him to be able to walk through to use my bathroom if the need presented itself.

Now, a woman would have known that that the other guy showing up was pertinent information, right? A brother-in-law is allowed to see your home a little bit messy. The other guy is not.

I’m gonna have to get Crabby Patty back for that one.