Goodbye Dear Fall.

I woke up yesterday to the sound of Weston excitedly telling his sister “It’s snowing real snow Wessie! That means that it’s time for Christmas!”

Thankfully Weslea broke the bad news about Christmas to him so that I didn’t have to.

And now that we’re getting real snow I won’t have to hear him complain about the fake snow any more (ie. frost.) That boy really hates that fake snow.

(And that last line just totally reminded me of Sweatiepy’s all-time favorite movie, “The Jerk.” Sad, but true…he really loves that movie. If you’ve watched it, do you remember the line “That man hates these cans!” One of the funniest movie lines ever.)

Well, my boy really hates that fake snow.

In honor of the season that I love above all the others…the season that (for us Buckeyes) is no longer in existence, I bring you these photos of my oh-so-cute nephew Ben. I got to hang out with him a bit on the day that “The Three Amigos” had their photo shoot at the park.

I think he loves fall as much as I do!


Only approximately 342 days or so until we can enjoy fall together again…