Day of Treats.

As I’m sure you all well know, Friday was the official “Day of Treats”…so many treats in fact, that I could easily gain back all 22 pounds that I’ve worked so hard to lose this year, in one short day if I ate it all.

Four kids…three Halloween school parties (Will didn’t have a party because he was on his field trip that day)…and four bags of candy after trick-or-treating. Now that’s a LOT of candy.

My day started with Weston’s party which was amazing. The teachers planned a day full of fun activities, yummy snacks and actual trick-or-treating through the small town that his preschool is located in. The kids loved this and I was amazed at how the town pulled together to make their little costume parade as fun as it could be. By the time they were finished, they had visited the post office, the bank, the small mom-and-pop store, the local restaurant, the police station and the tire store. I have never seen so much candy in all my life…almost every place they stopped at gave each child a full bag of candy. Unbelievable fun for the kiddos.


Even the teachers went all out with their costumes…

I’d have to say that The Three Amigos had the best Halloween party of their young lives!

Weston and I headed home for lunch and a short break and then we were off to help at Wyatt’s party at school.


Next step in our day was to return home where I proceeded to spend the next two hours of my life attempting to paint faces on two of the kiddos.

While, thankfully, the other two munchkins had chosen costumes that had a mask. If I have learned one thing this year it’s this simple fact…masks are good. Masks are great. Mom must remember to look for four costumes that all have masks next year!



Even though the kids usually end up mask-LESS during the entire night of trick-or-treating!



After we had our fill of trick-or-treating, we headed to Grandma Karen and Papa Jerry’s house…where the kids were given even more candy.


Our Halloween was a night of great weather, fun times together as a family, and…treats, treats and more treats.


And now I can’t wait for a couple of weeks to pass, after which time the candy will mysteriously disappear and then reappear as donations to the Children’s Church ministry at our church.

I’m sure the kids will manage to make a lot of their treats disappear on their own before the big donation happens though!