Christmas Extravaganza – Part II

Are you ready for another brain overload on holiday decorating ideas? Then this is the place for you!


I, of course, forgot to mention a few important details yesterday…

1) The theme of the Christmas Extravaganza event that I attended was “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.” (This would help explain the Ohio State theme and several other different themes that will pop up as well.)

2) On each table, the hostess provided each of her tablemates with a small door prize. If you look closely at each theme, you can usually see what the door prize was. (Many of them were sooooo cute!) On “my” purple table, we each got to take home the little silver angel ornament that was attached to the music note card that had our theme Bible verse on it.

3) The table description and theme Bible verse came from the program that was given to each person who attended this event. I did not come up with all those lovely descriptions myself. If I had, it would have sounded more like this…”Welcome to the purple and silver table that my sisters decorated for me when I panicked and called them for their help because I realized that I have no decorating skills of my own. And please, whatever you do, don’t look at my armpits right now because I am sweating like crazy from being so nervous about making conversation with complete strangers for the next hour and a half. I hope you enjoy the evening! “ Decorating and making up pretty descriptions for my decorating attempts are not my gifts.


Last night I also realized one other thing while editing the 167,000 photos I took at this event…I have way too many photos and decorating ideas for just two posts! So this holiday decorating thing is going to carry on for at least one more day after this. I hope you all don’t mind being “holidayed” out this early in November.

With that all said, let’s carry on!

“The Littlest Lamb”

Jesus is the Great Shepherd, Protector and Comforter, who longs to gather each of us into His arms and to bring us closer to Him. Isaiah 40:11


I love to bake scores of Christmas cookies and give them away. It feels so good to give something personal to friends and strangers alike. A humble cookie can do so much to spread joy. Romans 12:6a

“White As Snow”

Let the white snow and decorations we see each year, remind us to keep our hearts pure so that we may see the Lord. Isaiah 1:18


One of our favorite things is the fall season with the beautiful colors of the trees and the beauty of the earth preparing for winter. Ecclesiastes 3:1


With Noah at the center of the table, we are reminded of the “hope” we are given when we walk with our Lord. Noah, who walked with God and who was found to be righteous, was saved along with his family and was given a new life. Psalm 33:20-22


The reflection of candles in the mirrors remind me of how God’s love is infinite…it will never fade. Psalm 147:5

“Eyes Of God”

The unique “eyes” of the peacock feathers remind us that God will forever watch over us wherever life leads us. Psalm 121:7,8

Some of my favorite things from these tables:

*The little cross stitch frame on “The Littlest Lamb” table ~ I’m pretty sure that was their door prize. Wowza!
*The “Cookies” table had a little hand-written sign on it that read “Please do not eat these cookies. They are for display only.” Now, did that hostess know exactly what women are like or what? Without that note, I’ll bet the cookies would have disappeared within the first 10 minutes.
*The “White As Snow” table ~ their door prize was a pair of homemade earrings. Those hostesses were amazing!
*The “Fall” table ~ fall is my very favorite season…the vibrant colors, the crunchy leaves, the wearing of thick, warm sweaters. This table just brought all those feelings right back to me. Lovely!
*My sister and I really think the little chickens on the “Hope” table were homemade. How cute are they?
*The rectangular glass box on the “Infini
te” table ~ I want it BAD. I tried not to covet it that night, but I do love it…very, very, very much.
*My photos do not do justice to the “Eyes of God” table at all ~ this table was fabulous! I wish you could have seen it in person.


I hope you enjoyed this second installment of Holiday Decorating ideas…hope to see you back here tomorrow!