Christmas Extravaganza – Part I

Several weeks ago, I got a call from my mother-in-law asking if I would like to attend a Christmas event with a group of her friends that attend the same church that we do. I like having an occasional night away from the kids for just about any reason (just being honest here!) so I said yes without even knowing exactly what type of event we’d be attending.

My sister, Janine, and I drove to a church that we had never been to before that night and walked into the building having almost no idea why we were even there. We knew that there would be decorated Christmas trees and dessert…other than that, we were clueless.


What we walked into was a Christmas Extravaganza…literally. In the hallways there were numerous Christmas trees that were simply, yet beautifully, decorated. We later found out that these trees were called “Giving Trees” and were all decorated by people from that church and were going to be donated to people in the community who could not afford to buy their own tree for the upcoming Christmas season.


Eventually we wound our way through the hallways and came to the mother lode…the gymnasium, which had been transformed into a Christmas decorating dream world. Sixty-four tables all decorated in a different theme (mainly Christmas themes, but there were other themes sprinkled throughout as well) and all amazingly beautiful. We walked to the front of the gymnasium and began browsing through the different themes, taking photos and admiring the beautiful ideas.


It was at this time when we realized that we needed to choose one of the tables to sit at (there was a post-it note on each seat that you could write your name on if you chose that seat.) Our difficult goal became “How are we going to find two seats together?” because most of them were already spoken for. And that is how we came to sit at the beautiful table called “Reflective Joy.”

“Reflective Joy”

Purple represents loyalty. Silver was prized for its beautiful lustre and malleability. Silver can be shaped many ways just as the Lord shapes us to be like Him. The silver angels on the purple table are making a joyful noise to our King, Lord Jesus. Ps. 98:5,6

At each table, there was a Hostess…the lady that had volunteered to decorate the entire table and then sit at that table and talk with all of her tablemates during the evening’s events. Our Hostess was a lovely lady who told us that she has been part of this event for over ten years. I was shocked to learn that she had purchased all of the decorations for our table on sale at Kmart last year on the day after Christmas. She already had an idea in her mind of how she would be decorating her table next year (they do completely different table themes every single year.) We also learned that she would be using all of this year’s table decorations at next year’s event to decorate one of the Giving Trees that would be donated to a needy family. Do you see what I mean by a lovely lady? She had an absolutely beautiful spirit and lovely attitude. It was a joy to meet her and sit with her for the evening.
Here are several other themes that I will showcase today, and then I will show some more ideas tomorrow. Sixty-four tables! That was a lot of decorating ideas…decorating overload if you ask my poor little taxed brain. I was very thankful that I had a camera that evening!
“This Little Child”


We find joy in watching our children laugh and play, but there is no greater joy than to know they are walking in the truth. III John 1:4

“Irrepressible Hope”

Whereas the ship’s anchor goes down to the ocean bed, the Christian’s anchor goes up to the true heavenly sanctuary where he is moored to God Himself. Hebrews 6:19



Just as we have team spirit for the big game, so too we should use that spirit to serve others. I Peter 4:10
I couldn’t wait to put this Ohio State theme idea on my blog….especially for my Michigan friend, DVM’S Wife. I thought that she would appreciate this one the most. {hee-hee!}



Home and family mean so much, and to have your family also be your brothers and sisters through Christ in the family of God, looking forward to our heavenly home…is priceless. Joshua 24:15b

I loved this table…the clear glass plates with B&W photos cut into circles and placed under them. For me the holidays are all about family so this theme just resonated with me.

tty cool stuff, don’t you think? Did I mention that the fee for this event was just $3.00 per person? That included the special speaker, musical entertainment, dessert and decorating ideas galore….I was completely amazed at the event that this church put on for their ladies and their community.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for even more holiday decorating ideas…