Best Buds Forever!

In the small town where my church and my son’s preschool is, there is a park that has this amazingly beautiful path in it. The kids and I are fascinated everytime we pass by this path because it seems so mysterious and magical…it’s one of our favorite places to check out everytime we go to the park.


Wednesday was “picture day” at the preschool where my littlest guy, Weston, attends with his two cousins. When those three stinkers are together, we call them “Trouble”…and then other times we more kindly call them “The Three Amigos.” When I got to preschool to pick Weston up, I saw the three of them together in their fancy duds and decided that we needed to take a trip to the park for a quick photo shoot.


When you are looking at this picture of “The Three Amigos”….
*you’ll see the youngest cousin, Craig (he belongs to my older sister, Janine, and was born two months after the oldest cousin)
*then there’s my little guy, Weston
*and then we have the oldest cousin, Nathan (he belongs to my younger sister, Andrea)


I will never forget the day that I called my younger sister, Andrea, to excitedly tell her that I was pregnant with our fourth child. I got an unusual response when she started laughing and then said…”Really? That’s interesting because I’m pregnant too!” It was her first baby and we had no idea that they were going to start trying to have a family. It was one of my very favorite memories ~ making that call and realizing that we were going to get to experience having our children at the same time and would get to watch them grow up together.


Then, to make things even more fun, we found out a couple months later that our older sister was also pregnant. It was an exciting, giddy time for all of us.


At that point in time, Weslea and I were really, really, really, really wanting to have another girl baby added to our family. The boys all wanted to have another boy. I had half convinced myself that we had to be having a girl because both of my sisters had found out that they were having boys. We had decided to have ours be a surprise…and what a surprise he was!


On March 28th of that year, I got to be my sister’s labor coach when she went into labor with her son, Nathan, one week after his due date. A day and a half later (and two weeks before his due date), I gave birth to Weston about 15 minutes after we walked through the doors of the hospital. That was a surprise! I still thank God for the nurse that was there to catch him. 🙂


Within an hour after giving birth, Andrea and her new baby were sitting in my room and we just sat there looking at each other in shock and amazement…here we were with babies that were supposed to be born three weeks apart getting to share our big moment together. It was a night of laughter and fun…an amazing birthing experience that I was able to share with my sister who was right down the hall from me.

The only “sad” note was when our daughter (who was four years-old at the time) came to the hospital to see her new baby brother for the first time. She took one look at him, burst into tears and cried “But I prayed and asked God to send us a girl baby and we only got a boy!” Thankfully, within minutes she had fallen in love with her new “brudder” and pretty much took over his care from that point on.


I can’t go a day without looking at these three boys and thinking how lucky and blessed we are to have the three boogers growing up together. I can only hope and pray that they will always love each other as much as they do now and spend their entire lives as best buds.