A Winter Wonderland.

Although I am not enamored with working out yet (will I ever be?), there are several things that I have realized that I really do like about it…

1) Spending three mornings a week with my sister, Janine. The only thing that could make this aspect even better would be if my younger sister, Andrea, would quit her teaching job and hang out with us too. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen though so I will be thankful that I at least get to hang out with one sister a lot more than we ever did any other school year.


2) I actually have a bicep muscle now. That’s a first for me!


3) The drive to the Rec Center…because the backroads that we drive on are absolutely beautiful and full of amazing photo opportunities.




I guess I should also mention at this time that I am thankful for Janine putting up with my photography craziness and for her being willing to come to a screeching halt whenever I yell “Stop the car right now!!!”