A Small Gift For You!

I think it’s a fairly well-known fact that while photography is my very favorite hobby right now, rubber stamping would come in a very close second.

Several years ago, I started to make all of my Christmas cards. And not only would I rubber stamp them, I would also include a photo of my kids on the front of the card. See that? I combined my very favorite two hobbies on the same card. Clever, eh?

And so began the Christmas Card tradition (on the years when I actually finished them and sent them out)…


This was the very first Christmas photo card that I ever sent out. Weslea was HORRIBLE during this photo shoot and we ended up being very fortunate to get even one halfway decent shot for me to use.


I know this is just the standard Christmas photo card and everyone has done this before, but darn it all…they were so cute!


For this photo…let’s just say that Weston was lucky to come out of it in one piece. It was his turn to be the horrible one. Everyone thought his backward letter was adorable though.


This was last year’s card and my kiddos were not happy with me a bit for making them pose in the cold outdoors without their coats on. Hey…I got a great picture and they ended up being just fine. They didn’t even get sick!

So, my point of posting all of these past Christmas cards is that last Thursday evening I held my Christmas Card Class at my mom’s house. I had a wonderful time seeing some of my customers again and having a chance to visit with them.

I ended up spending the night at my mom’s house and then we hung out together the next day…she stamped her cards that she wasn’t able to finish the night before and I stamped all of the extra cards that I had cut as “just in case cards.” (“Just in case cards” are extras that I like to have just in case someone messes up their cards or just in case someone shows up that I didn’t realize would be coming.)

I don’t really need these cards though, because I prefer to do a photo card of my kiddos for Christmas. So…..I have all of these cards sitting in envelopes ready to ship out to all of you instead!

If you’d like to receive one of these cards, just leave me a comment under this post…maybe you could tell me about your Christmas Card tradition (do you like to make your own cards, do you search for the most beautiful store-bought card you can find, do you usually just send out a family newsletter,…)

You will also then need to send me an email at angelastamps@hotmail.com and tell me what your blogger name, your real name and your address is. (I’d like to get these cards out of here, so you need to send me this email today. If I don’t receive your email, you won’t be entered into the Giveaway.)

Then I will hopefully have one of these cards in the mail for you by tomorrow. They are in envelopes and waiting to go! Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas tradition…

P.S. I have around 35 cards for this Giveaway…if I get more than 35 responses, I will then have to draw names for the winners.