A "Photography Drive".

Since I’ve become more interested in photography, I have learned that there are two other ladies at my church who are also obsessed with the same hobby.

Miss Bea:

And “Grandma Jean”:

“Grandma Jean” is my sister’s mother-in-law, but my kids see her and her husband so often that they have become like a third set of honorary grandparents. I hate her though because she looks good in winter hats…which is completely not fair. My head has never found a hat that likes it. Nah…I’m just kidding you. She’s a complete sweetheart and I loved spending the day with her.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that they have been going on “photography drives.” They will just pick a day to drive to random places where they can practice their photography skills. I must have look pathetically eager the last time they were talking about their latest drive and so they kindly invited me to ride along with them this time.

Of course, when they invited me we were having beautiful Indian Summer weather at the time. Nice and warm and lots of fall colors to use as a beautiful background. The day of my first time driving with them, we had our first big snowstorm of the year…and it was a doozy!

And that was the day I realized that I have no winter boots. None. It was freezing outside with huge drifts of snow. That little fact didn’t deter me one bit from my goal and I set out for the day with two pairs of socks and a leaky pair of old tennis shoes on.

During our drive, we checked out an old, broken down brick factory:


A tiny cemetery that we happened to pass by:


And an old mill that is located a couple of miles from my house:


Pretty neat locations don’t you think?

It was a fun day…and yet a frustrating one as well.

Fun…because I got to hang out with two ladies that I really like a lot. And we got to eat lunch out in a restaurant with no kids!

Frustrating…because I quickly realized that I’m not used to photographing anything but people. And also frustrating…because my feet were completely frozen chunks of ice.

Here are some of my “frustrating” shots. I think some of them are okay and then others just seem blah to me:

Nature shots that I actually found a bit of color for…


And then I found that I took a lot of nature shots that were in shades of brown, white, gray and…more brown. Blah!


Then there were the “let’s take a picture of this because it’s here!” but I really have no idea what I would do with these kind of photos in real life…




And finally, there were the shots that when I was taking them I thought were going to be so completely cool. Then I uploaded them to my computer…and they weren’t.

Like these pretty leaves that I could see beautiful drops of water hanging off the ends of them. And then when I uploaded the photo to my computer I found out that the drops were barely even visible. Urrrrrgh!

And this tree that was in front of a really cool wall that had graffiti on it. The only problem? Once I saw the uploaded pictures, I couldn’t get past the fact that the tree looks perverted to me…dirty mind and all I guess. Admit it though…you think it looks perverted too, right?

So, what do you think? Are you like me and prefer photographs of people and beautiful scenery. Or, do you think these random types of shots have beauty as well? I think they are growing on me, but I definitely prefer real, live faces over any other type of photography.

P.S. Just thought you’d like to know that I am now the proud owner of a new pair of waterproof, weather resistant, skid resistant outsole, faux-fur lined pair of winter boots. My ne
xt “photography drive” should be just a bit warmer.