4 Year-Old Conversations.

Weston was thrilled to have one of his cousins spend the day with us yesterday. According to him “he never, ever, ever, ever, never gets to have a cousin come over to pway wiff him!” Ever.


So I was glad that I knew Craig was coming over for the day and I’d be able to prove Weston wrong once and for all.


All of the cousins in our family get along really well, but these two boys seem to be able to play for hours without any fights, bickering, or complaints of “I’m bored!” And the activity that they seemed to enjoy the most yesterday was puzzles.


Which was great fun for me because it’s during those quiet activity times or rides in the van that I get to hear fun little talks that I like to call “Four Year-Old Conversations.”


In my experience, four year-old conversations are a hoot. They are full of O-VER-E-NUN-CI-A-TED words, overexaggerated examples and lots of humorous giggles. They also tend to ramble from one topic to another with absolutely no rhyme or reason. And each of the kiddos seem to know exactly what the other one is talking about…even though it takes good old mom a few minutes to catch up with them.


You all know these conversations, right? They really get me laughing when I’m right in the middle of one though. Let me give you a few examples…


Weston: Craigy, did you know that Mowwy (Molly is my mom’s dog who is staying with us right now) can’t have any Mowwy-babies?

Craig: Why not?

Weston: Let’s just say….hmmmm…her is fixted. Fixted means you can’t have any Mowwy-babies.


And that will lead into the next conversation that will go like this…

Weston: Mowwy’s at our house right now. Grandpa’s car is brokted so they had to go get it.

Craig: I know that!

Weston: It’s brokted my said. My Grandpa and Grandma wiff the doggy had to go get their brokted car. Not my Grandma with the cute wittle titty though. My wuv that cute wittle titty.

(Bill’s poor mom owns a little kitten and so I get to hear all about how much Weston loves her cute “wittle titty” ALL THE TIME.)

Call me immature but that’s funny!


And that will then lead into a conversation about our friend’s dog that had to be put down a few weeks ago…

Weston: Did you know that Ashley’s dog DIED. Her brokted her leg and had to die and go to HEAVEN.

Craig: (horrified) She did? Ashley’s dog DIED??

Weston: Yes and her is in HEAVEN. Because her leg brokted. So she had to DIE.


Craig: God is in heaven.

Weston: Him’s big. Him’s bigger than ANYBODY in the whole wide world.

Craig: I know. He’s bigger than a transformer.

Weston: And him’s got more powers than anybody!

Craig: He can use his powers to shoot the bad guys and the transformers.

(Now imagine the sound of multiple shooting noises and giggles.)


Which somehow led to this…

Craig: I like my McDonald’s toy.

Weston: My penguin says “Just smile and wave boys.” Him’s cool!

Craig: Mine too!

(And then multiple variations of the Madagascar penguins saying “Just smile and wave boys…just smile and wave.” throw them into a fit of giggles as well.)


It’s such a fun age the little guys are at right now…learning so much to prepare for “real” school next year and yet they still have their little baby voices and chubby baby cheeks that I just love and adore so much.

I’m just glad they tolerated me enough that I was able to listen in on them yesterday. Four year-old conversations are not-to-be-missed events for sure!