Well, yesterday ended up being one completely horrible, no-good, very-bad, terribly awful, not-fun day. And, for once in my life, I am not exaggerating even one bit.

It didn’t start out that way. It started out kind of lazy with me bopping around the house cleaning my bedroom, straightening up the breakfast mess in the kitchen, working on mega loads of laundry, checking out my high school friends on facebook that I’ve just reconnected with…basically a nice, carefree day at home with nothing pressing to accomplish.

And then 2:00 rolled around and my right side started aching like something awful. By 2:30, I had put a call in to our “Roth Family Nurse” (a.k.a. my mom who is a RN) to ask “what does it mean when your right side hurts really bad?” I had convinced myself that I was constipated (something that never happens to me, but you never know! Things like that start to happen to you when you move up in years.) The Family Nurse strongly urged me to go to the E.R.

Me, being the stupid person that I am, decided to ride it out (literally) by getting in the van to go pick up the kids from school. Five minutes away from the house I knew I was in trouble…BIG trouble. My right side hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt before and it had moved into the right side of my back as well. I was sweaty, burning up, my skin was tingling all over and I felt more nauseous than I can ever remember feeling. By the grace of God, I somehow made it through the thirty minute ordeal of driving to the school, waiting in the line to pick up the kids and then driving back home.

By the time I arrived home, my mom was on her way to help with the kids and I tearfully tried to call Sweatiepy at his work for the upteenth time. I finally called the operator at his job and had him paged to come home immediately. He arrived home soon after that and we took off for the E.R.

And the E.R. is where I discovered the most incredibly kind nurse in the entire world and a wonderfully sympathetic doctor who didn’t make me wait in the waiting room for even one minute. And, those two angels immediately started an IV drip which soon thereafter had a nice steady stream of morphine running through it. I had the opportunity to experience my first CAT scan and then the nice, pleasant, drowsy, pain-free feeling that morphine cheerfully provides to those who have the pleasure of making it’s acquaintance. I was in pain-free heavenly bliss and was never more thankful for being free of discomfort than I was at that moment.

Several hours later I was informed that my problem was that I was passing a kidney stone. The first one I’ve ever experienced and it, very unfortunately, sounds like it will not be the last one I’ll experience either. Apparently I have quite a few of those “precious little beauties” waiting in both of my kidneys to release their horrific way through my various tubes sometime in my near future.

So, even though it was a horrible, no-good, very-bad day…I am so completely thankful that it didn’t end up being something even worse. And I am thankful that I ended up passing the stone while I was at the hospital and still under the influence of Mr. Morphine. And I am extremely thankful that it didn’t end up being something that would have involved surgery (the pain being on the right side really had me concerned that it might have been my appendix.)

I will be even more thankful if those other little guys in my kidneys decide to just evaporate away and never put me through an ordeal like this again. I don’t really expect that that will happen…but I can always hope and pray.

Wow…what a day.