Storytime With Grandma

Wednesday was the day that we celebrated Weslea’s birthday together and it was also the day that we stopped by Great-Grandma Hulka’s house to say a birthday hello to her as well. She turned ninety-six-years-old on Tuesday. Wowza!

When I was pregnant with Weslea, I wanted soooo bad for her to be born on Grandma Hulka’s birthday. But that girl was ornery right from the start…I went into labor with her just a few hours after Grandma’s birthday was over.

So we stopped by Grandma’s and our little routine began:
1) Shoes come off so we don’t make a mess on Grandma’s carpet
2) Kisses and hugs all around
3) The kids immediately run back to Grandma’s spare bedroom to get the two boxes of toys that she keeps there for all the great-grandchildren to play with

And then Weston takes over and completely monopolizes Grandma’s time…literally until we are ready to leave.

Because Grandma Hulka is the official “Reader Of Stories” in Weston’s mind. And it doesn’t matter that she is ninety-six, or that her hearing is getting poor, or that her eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be…

She is the “Reader Of Stories” and that’s all that there is to that! At least in Weston’s four-year-old mind.

I have a sneaky feeling that Grandma loves it just as much as Weston does. Even when he’s correcting her…“No Gwamma…see, that’s not a fishy; that’s an octopus!” She just smiles and says “You are so right Weston. What a smart boy you are!” And he just beams.

Story after story after story, she reads to him until he can no longer find any new books to share with her.

Soon after storytime was over, I gathered up all of the kiddos for a group shot with Grandma.
(I think a certain someone might be a little peeved that a certain other someone isn’t reading stories to him any longer.)

And it wasn’t much longer after that that Grandma slapped her hands to her cheeks and exclaimed…”Oh my goodness! I forgot to take my glasses off for the picture!”

And ladies, I think that’s a sure sign that even when we are approaching the grand age of 100…we will still have a little bit of room for vanity in our lives. 🙂