Our Baby Jordyn

In addition to having the privilege of photographing Baby Kalvin on Friday, I was also able to sneak in a few casual shots of my beautiful niece, Jordyn. Many of you have seen Jordyn on my blog before (like here, and here and even here.)


I think I like her just a little bit. 🙂


My older sister, Janine, was the official babysitter of my younger sister’s children on Friday. Janine is also the one who is my “gym-buddy” right now. We have taken a “sister oath” to go to the gym to workout together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday whether it rains, snows, sleets, hails…or even if we have a random, pesky kidney stone involved.


So, we packed up the two youngest kiddos (Ben and Jordyn) to go to the gym with us where it didn’t take us very long at all to realize just how out of the “baby habit” we are. My youngest is only four years-old and it was like I had never had a little one to take care of before. You should have seen and heard the two of us…

How do we open the stroller? Why won’t the seat on the stroller go down?
Does the baby seat snap right into the stroller or do we have to wake her up to put her in the seat?
Do we have any snacks for Ben?
Oh my word, we have no snacks. How are we going to keep him happy for two hours?
She’s not happy…why is she crying?
She will not take her bottle. Why won’t you take your bottle? What are we going to do?

You don’t even want to think about us trying to get the baby carrier on Janine.


We finally got everyone settled and went in to hobble our way around the walking track. I hobbled because of the kidney stone I had passed the night before. Janine hobbled because of the two kids she was trying to keep happy in the stroller. I’m sure it was a lovely sight for all the other gym members to see.

Later, when we were back at Janine’s home for the baby shoot…I had my chance to take photos of Jordyn during Kalvin’s eating break. And that is when I discovered that Jordyn’s interest is all about her hands right now…those chubby, stinkin’ cute fingers were a source of constant fascination for our little gal.

But for me…my interest was all about those eyes…

I really think you might possibly be able to drown in them…