One Happy Moment

Last night I experienced one of those times when you just have to grab the camera and record a moment…even though you know your photos are going to be blurry, the faces are going to be overexposed from the use of flash and your kiddos still have supper on their faces…you just have an overwhelming need to record the moment.

Let me start at the beginning. Yesterday was an extremely sad day for our school district. I received a phone call from my neighbor and she let me know that a 6th grade boy in my children’s school had killed himself Sunday night. A 6th grader. My heart just filled with sadness for his family, friends and teachers and for him…that he would feel so little hope as such a young boy that he would choose to end his life rather than finding a way to work through whatever was so wrong in his life. Such an awful experience for everyone his life had touched.

And then my worries and questions in my mind began…Will my children hear about this at school? If so, what will they hear? Are they going to be upset when they get home? How will we choose to handle this with them?

It became clear when they arrived home that they hadn’t heard a thing about it. While our school district is small enough that all of grades Kindergarten through 8th Grades are in the same building, the middle school is in a completely different wing of the school and it really helps to keep the younger and older kids from mixing together.

The kids and dad headed off for soccer practice while I worked on overcooking dinner. {sigh} That seems to be the story of my life. They arrived back home, we ate dinner together and then one of the kids started an impromptu game of “Dad, do you think you can make me laugh?”

You know that game, right? Where you try to keep your face impassively still, not smiling a bit, while someone else does everything they can to make you laugh?

They tried! They really did, but their stoic faces didn’t last more than a second it didn’t seem like before they were all dissolving into fits of the giggles. Dad included.
My family completely stinks at this game. 🙂

But what a joy it was to hear their laughter, see the fun they were having and to experience the wonder of being a family…especially after hearing such sad news about someone in our community. Thankfulness doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling at that moment.