My Six Quirks

Northern Ohio was the proud recipient of a major thunderstorm last night, which left us without electricity until just about now. It was loads of fun getting the kids breakfast and finding matching clothes in the dark! We were very lucky though and the power was only off for about seven hours…I know many of you have experienced much worse than that so I will count myself as being thankful that everything was back to normal so quickly.

We spent a lovely evening last night celebrating Weslea’s birthday by going to her favorite restaurant (Chinese!), then stopping by the store to pick out her birthday present (a pink Nintendo DS!) and Halloween costumes, and then going to Sweatiepy‘s grandma’s apartment for a visit.

My husband’s grandma turned 96 on Tuesday…which is just completely amazing to me. (It was really amazing to me until one of my online friends told me that her husband’s grandma is getting ready to celebrate her 106th birthday. Wow!) My husband’s grandma is in great health for her age and is still living on her own and she is a complete joy to visit with. I was able to take some cute pictures of her and the kiddos…and then this morning I realized that I left my camera in the car that Sweatiepy drove to work. Urgh!

So, now would probably be a good time for me to complete a “tag” that my new friend, DVM’S Wife asked me to do. This activity requires me to list “My Six Quirks” and then ask other friends to do the same thing. You would think this would be easy, wouldn’t you?? I have quirks out the wazoo…but now that I have to actually think of them, I’m having a difficult time.

I have a feeling that my sisters, mom, sister-in-law, brothers and good old Sweatiepy will be more than happy to fill you in on any quirks that I have forgotten to mention.

So, here goes…

“My Six Quirks”:

1) I can’t stand to have anyone touch my bellybutton. I can’t even stand the thought of anyone touching my bellybutton. When my bellybutton popped out at the end of my pregnancies….well, let’s just say that that was a very difficult time for me.

2) I (along with the rest of my siblings) was raised in a no-television household. By that, I don’t mean that my parents limited our television watching time. I mean that we had absolutely no television in our household for my entire childhood. My parents conveniently got a television right after I got married. Needless to say, I stink at Trivial Pursuit when it comes to any category that might pertain to television shows from my childhood…and I am an avid reader.

3) Okay…this one is really weird, but I just found out this summer that one of my siblings has the same affliction so that made me feel a little better. When I am drinking or eating something, I always count in fours in my mind before I swallow whatever it is that I am eating or drinking. ?!? Can we say psycho? I have no idea why I do this…it’s a major pain in my tush I can tell you that much.

4) I am terrified of the thought of having surgery and being “put under” for it. That is the real reason why I can talk myself into thinking that I am constipated when I am really passing a kidney stone.

5) I hate to cook. I absolutely hate everything about it.
*the buying a cookbook that I know I’ll never use
*the never remembering to make up a dinner list before I go to the grocery store
*the trying to figure out what to make for dinner each night
*the realizing that I never have all the ingredients I need to make the dish that I decided to make
*the fact that it never ends up tasting as good as it should or looking as good as it should
*the reality that I always overcook everything that I make
*the mess
*the clean-up
*the family eating the dinner in 10 minutes when it took me an hour to make it…

This dislike of cooking makes me feel inadequate as a wife, mother and even as a woman. Especially since most of the other women I know either love preparing meals for their family and friends or they at least don’t hate it. It really is something that I wish was a joy for me, but it never has been and probably never will be. I am extremely thankful that I married a man that really enjoys cooking though. Thank God for small blessings!

6) I had something else for #6, but I’m changing it since I just thought of something better. When I was a child I didn’t like sweets very much at all (now what could be quirkier than that?) If I ate a cupcake or piece of cake, I took all of the frosting off. I rarely ate chocolate. I didn’t (and still don’t) like Twinkies, ho-ho’s, ding-dong’s or any other pre-packaged treat. Unfortunately for me, that all changed after I gave birth to my third child and discovered Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter cups. Yum-yum! My sweets choices do change now, but I always have one treat that I am obsessed with (the current one being chocolate chip cookie dough.)

So, how about all of you? I could tag all of you (which I know you would just love.) But, I was thinking that instead maybe you could just list one, two or even six of your quirks in the comments section. I can’t wait to find out just how weird all of you are!

C’mon everyone…now is your opportunity to make me feel better about my inadequacies. 🙂