My Poor Wyatt.

Here is my fun-loving, way-ornery, rambunctious Kindergarten-boy Wyatt.

And this was that same boy yesterday.

Have you ever seen such a sad sight in your life? On Wednesday, Wyatt went to school just as happy as a clam. By 10:00 that morning he was in the nurse’s office balling his eyes out because his face was so “itchy.” It seems that on one of our many hikes to the woods this past week, he got mixed up in something that did not agree with him one bit.

By yesterday morning, he was completely miserable and I had never felt so sorry for one of my little ones as I did for him right then. We made a quick trip to the doctor’s office where he was prescribed a steriod medication to help with the swelling, redness, itchiness and everything else the poor kid is dealing with.

And I’ve been told that I might see signs of crankiness, orneriness, irritability and hyperactiveness until he is finished with his dosage.

Not a problem at all! I’ll deal with just about anything to get my regular, healthy Wyatt back.

Poor little guy…I’ll bet he can’t wait to be back to normal either.