My Little Energizer Bunny

Last night we made another trip to the woods to find more leaves and seeds for Will’s big science project that is due this Friday.

The bigger kids headed out first because Weston was still looking for his shoes. About 10 minutes later, the two of us made our way to the woods…I spent the trip trying to get my camera settings set up correctly and Weston…well, that boy was in a complete tizzy because everyone else was already in the woods…and he wasn’t. (Oh the horror.)

And all that I could think was this simple thought: “Angie, if you could figure out some way to bottle up one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty portion of that boy’s energy…we would be set up financially for life.”
(Please pardon the quick peek at his cutie-pie underoos.)

Just like most boys, the kid never stops! He’s my personal little Energizer Bunny.

After viewing this post, my suggestion is you might want to go lie down and take a quick nap. It’s exhausting just watching him.