My Baby Girl Is Eight.

My baby girl…

Has grown up way too fast…

And today she is extremely excited to be celebrating her 8th birthday!
How is it even possible that she is eight already?! It just cannot be.

I had the fun of joining her at school yesterday for her birthday celebration (celebrated a day early because there is another girl in her class with the exact same birthday.)

I always love to watch the joy in my kiddos faces when their class is singing an enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” to them (with a few cha-cha-cha’s thrown in there for extra fun.)

And, as an extra-special birthday treat…I let Wessie-girl take over my camera while I was in her classroom (she had to pry it out of my reluctant fingers, but I did let her use it.)

Nah…I’m just kidding you. She didn’t have to pry the camera out of my fingers…I promise! Weslea and Will are both slowly becoming camera enthusiasts just like their mom and it’s a joy to watch them fall in love with a hobby that I love so much myself. I thought Weslea did an excellent job of catching her classmates just as they are.

I can’t even begin to think of the words I’d need to find to express how much I love you Wessie-girl. From the moment of your birth when you excitedly made your presence known (the first of our kids to be born before the doctor could even get to the hospital!) you have made our household a fun, beautiful, lovely place to be.

You are the enthusiastic, joyful, full-of-life, vibrant daughter of my heart…and I know that I have been blessed beyond belief to have you join me in this testosterone filled family.

And, no matter what you might think about it…you will always, for the rest of time, forever and for always be my baby girl in my heart…