Mr. Walrus & Me

Since I have three kids in school full-time now (thank you Lord!) I have been blessed with one full year of some good, healthy, fun one-on-one time with this little goofball…

Which is why I am going to be writing about him a whole awful lot during the next year. I don’t want everyone to begin thinking he’s my “favorite child” or anything like that. He’s just the only daytime blogging material that I’ve got left to work with.

Of course, he spends most of our quality one-on-one time saying things like “My really wish Craig and Nathan were here to pway wiff me.” Or, “Why didn’t you ask Craig and Nathan to spend the night at my house?” Or, “My wonder what Craig and Nathan is doing right now?” Or, “My thinks that Craig and Nathan would really like to pway Super Smash Brothers with me.” Or, “Craig and Nathan this…” And, “Craig and Nathan that…”

The whole love fest going on between “The Three Amigos” is understandable, adorable and wonderful while being completely nauseating at the same time.

Alright already! I understand that you all love and adore each other. Stop telling me about it every two seconds.

Of course, all of my cousins lived two states away from us my entire life so maybe (maybe!) I’m just a teeny-tiny bit jealous of their friendship that they get to cultivate almost daily.


Those rare one-on-one moments that I do get to experience with my little guy more than make up for any aggravations he might throw my way though. I mean, how could you not have fun hanging out with a true, authentic, pretzel rod lovin’ Mr. Walrus?