Like Father, Like Son

Late Saturday afternoon, we decided to light up what will probably be our very last bonfire of the year.

Let me tell you, it was a doozy!

We’ve spent quite a bit of our summer clearing out our barn. Our quite large, enormous barn which the previous owners had filled to the gills with so much useless junk and trash that we hadn’t even attempted to clean up back there until we got the house a little more under control first.

You cannot even imagine how filled up and horrible that barn was. And I can’t even begin to describe how glad I am that that job is almost over.

While most of the junk was carted off to the local trash dump, anything that was burnable and wood was put into a special burn pile…a burn pile that had grown by leaps and bounds as the summer went by.

After Sweatiepy got the fire started and burning steady, I decided to wander back there to see how things were going (ie. to take photos.)

I got to take a photo of the “Keeper Of The Fire”:

Which then meant I got to take a picture of the “Keeper Of The Fire” giving me (I hope I don’t offend anyone!) a somewhat rude hand gesture:

(I used the pretty butterfly to cover his offending hand so that any sensitive eyes that wander onto my blog won’t be offended. Here’s a secret that everyone might not know about our family: Sweatiepy doesn’t like having his picture taken.)

After I got past the “rude hand gesture” part of the evening, I got to get to the good part of the evening when I saw a sight that would warm any mother’s heart…the sight of her sons trying to be “just like dad.”

Our oldest son, Will, is especially interested in doing everything that his dad does and it was fun to watch him become Sweatiepy’s shadow for the rest of the evening.

Like father, like son…

It looks like we have two “Keepers Of The Fire” now. And every good country family needs two of those, right?